2015 Festival Band Announcements Round 2

The 2015 Festival is quickly approaching, which means you're wondering who is going to be performing at the Festival, right? This year we are doing band announcements a little bit differently. You are going to announce them for us! Yes, you! You may be asking yourself, how am I going to announce the bands for the 2015 Festival? I'm going to tell you how! From May 11th - May 14th you can email bands@lifelight.org. Any emails before or after those dates will be disregarded. Put the subject line as "2015 Bands" and in the email. In the email include your Facebook name, Instagram and Twitter handle. You must have all 3 social media accounts and your accounts must be set to public. It must be public so all can see the hashtagged post. We'll respond with a band for you to announce for us! So what's the catch? The only catch is you have to use the hashtag #LifeLightbands. That's it! You can announce the band on May 15th. We'll then encourage our followers to search that hashtag and also repost your posts on our pages. So mark your calendar and get ready to be part of the great things coming up at the 2015 Festival! Just for safety, let's recap.

1) Email bands@lifelight.org between May 11-14
2) Make sure your subject line is "2015 Bands" and in the email you include your Facebook name, Instagram and Twitter handles
    - You MUST have accounts on all 3 social media platforms in order to be accepted to announce a band.
    - Your social media accounts must be set to public

3) We'll send you a band for you to announce
4) Post that band and use the hashtag #LifeLightbands on May 15th
5) Continue being awesome!