Shine A Light Tour Recap

Remedy Drive performs on the Shine a Light Tour
Tour Sponsored By Pizza Ranch, Adams Thermal Foundation, LifeLight and Last Hope Music

On March 9th we embarked on a journey, a journey that we called the Shine A Light Tour. We prayed this journey would echo in the hearts of those that attended a show. This journey which started in Luverne, MN and ended back in Sioux Falls, SD was everything that you could ask for in an adventure. Twenty-one people piled in tour vans and traveling 8,536.43 miles, using 853 gallons of fuel, making 57 bathroom stops and drinking countless cans of energy drinks. Sleeping in everything from hotel rooms to bunks out on the dark cold highway. We were away from our families for one purpose, to Make Jesus Famous

Josh Brewer speaks on the Shine A Light Tour

“I wish I wasn’t so stressed on my life. Both my parents hate me. My life is awful but God is with me.”
-14 year old attendee

Twenty-six days of touring to see God transform so many lives. I can honestly say that each night we put all of our heart into every note, every beat, every word spoken and every word sang all for the Glory of His Kingdom. With the attendance each night ranging from 200 to 600 people, the response to the gospel each night was overwhelming. Stories of people surrendering that I will never forget. 

We cannot thank Remedy Drive, Ginny Owens, Adam Cappa, Shawn McDonald, Zealand, Rachelle Hope and Last Hope Music enough. Your servant hearts make ministry greater than what we every could have asked for. 

“Pray for me I have tourette’s syndrome please pray that I can overcome bullying that comes my way and feel good about myself.  
- 10 year old attendee who rededicated her life to Christ. 

 “Pray for Jesus to continue to heal me of my addictions and release me of my lustful heart! Heal my heart, mind, soul & body from my stroke.”
-42 year old concert attendee

Adam Cappa performs on the Shine A Light Tour

Thank you all for your prayers and your support as we stand on the other side of the 136 hour 18 min drive to spend over 54 hours ministering to people through concerts. We could feel the support of the LifeLight family back home praying for changed lives. Jesus Changes Everything! 

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