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Jesus said, “Go!” and we love to do just that, whether locally or internationally. We are passionate about sharing Christ, serving the poor & needy, and transforming impoverished communities. Our international missions trips have taken teams to countries such as Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Pakistan, and partnerships with local ministries allow for LifeLight to continue supporting the Gospel in these nations. In these countries and beyond, we bring Light into darkness to fulfill the Great Commission.

A missions trip is what started this whole thing called LifeLight, so missions are near and dear to our hearts! Whether we support a permanent missionary, host an international festival, or lead an outreach team, the Gospel is our main focus in the mission.

Choosing where to work internationally is something that we consider and pray over very carefully. We are heavily relationship based as a ministry, so we always start out our international works by building relationship with local missionaries or ministries. From there we do our best to build relationships with local businesses and governments, whether directly or through our local ministry contacts.

What we do on a trip depends heavily on what this local committee requests of us. We can bring in Christian bands for a festival; host a team to do mercy ministries such as orphanage & school visits, prison outreaches, or building projects; send our speakers Alan Greene and Josh Brewer to hold conferences; or a combination of all these!

  • If you have a GROUP that is interested in a LifeLight Missions outreach, please contact us at missions@lifelight.org or by calling the office at 605-338-2847.
  • If you are an individual interested in attending an outreach with LifeLight, you can fill out a Mission Application for upcoming trips.
  • • If cost is a factor, a scholarship is available for LifeLight trips. Please fill out the Sarah Buller Scholarship Application for the upcoming trip of your interest.

This is good! ~ Ethiopian women after hearing the Gospel for the first time


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We LOVE to hear your stories. If you have a LifeLight story would you mind sharing it with us here?

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