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Join us CityFest August 26-27th - Canaries Stadium!

To celebrate a coming together of the community, the Serve Sioux Falls will culminate with City Fest.  The event will include a main stage with local and multi-cultural speakers, and Christian music artists.  We intend to honor business leaders and employees for service, as well as Church, Government, Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue workers for their service to our community.  There will also be children, youth and family activities. All to celebrate what God is doing in Sioux Falls!

2017 CityFest Schedule:

Saturday August 26th
11:00 – 2:00 – Blessing Outreach Canaries Stadium
11:00 Children's stage and Inflatables
12-2pm Motocross show (Parking lot)
12-2pm Champions Forever
2:30 Gates open for Stadium





Sunday August 27





It was an amazing experience and I am being driven to follow God in all of my life now. 

Breanna, 2013

My son and I have been coming to Lifelight for 6 years but my son resisted turning to God.  This year, he and I were at the Souled Out stage listening to Joseph Rojas speak.  When he called for people to step forward, to give ourselves to Christ, I was about to step forwatd to rededicate myself when somne stepped past me.  It was my son!  My son lead the way and dedicated himself to God!  When we walked away, with tears streaming down our faces we hugged and he told me he loved me for the first time in years! 

Lisa, 2013

My 8 year old son and I so enjoy praising God through music, any chance we get. It was so beautiful to worship our God almighty amid the storm, sunset, full moon and hear the gospel presented so boldly and truthfully in various ways!!

Kate, 2013

I was unsure if God was truly a part in my life at first this weekend. Through the music and speeches I realized God was here all along I just wasn't looking in the right spots. I now know God is with me through everything.

James, 2013

We have confidence that when our girls remember their Labor Day weekend they will remember that they are loved. They will feel a soft blanket someday in their college dorm room and remember snuggles in lawn chairs with praise and worship music filling their ears and know they are loved. They will see people dancing and know they are loved. They will smell a funnel cake cooking and remember sharing a snack and talking about the messages they are hearing and music they enjoy and know they are loved. They will taste tart lemonade and their minds will return to the hot days and hearing speakers that reminded them that our God is one of relationship that calls us to him and know they are loved. Because of LifeLight we have one more opportunity to be sure our beautiful girls know they are loved. Most importantly they will know they are LOVED by a God that matters. A God that is real. Our God that is faithful. 

Heather, 2013

I was able to see God answer and move immediately in the lives of people that came for prayer and in other ways. Thank you LifeLight for allowing me to be so blessed this past weekend. I am so amazed at how God is loving and reaching people with no walls or frills out in a pasture, but that is where our salvation all began a barn without frills. 

Prayer Warrior Volunteer, 2013

Thank you so much for having this amazing event! After lifelight this year I am looking at my life from a whole different perspective. My life has always been about me. I never relized that those small choices I made were holding me back from my faith. This year not only has it changed my life but it also helped me through a hard part in my life. Thank you for an amazing time and for a chance to change my life and to live for God. I can't wait to see whats in store for next year!

Jessica, 2013

It was the first time I cried unwillingly and couldn't stop.  I never realized how sad and depressed I have been for the past 9 years of my life. I felt ashamed and guilty to say that I had tried to commit suicide within the past months. I was ashamed for letting myself cry, but I still realized that I needed help, and that my help was Jesus.

Evelyn, 2013

I have been going to LifeLight South Dakota since 2010 and it has changed my life ever since!! I recommited my life to Christ at Lifelight South Dakota 2012 it was the best weekend of my life!!! 

Brian , 2013

We stood there a few minutes and felt the Holy Spirit come down upon us and the grounds. It was amazing, no one else was around. So tranquil I will never forget it. I was so overwhelmed with God's love. 

Susan, 2012

It has been placed in my heart by the Holy Spirit to listen more. I will seek out those who look like they are hurting and listen. "Jesus, use me to help this person. Use me, Lord." So, I have been given the renewal of the gift of courage by the Holy Spirit. He has made me a little more brave than I have been. Thank you, God for all you have done in me! You are awesome and I am so unworthy to be called your friend!

Prayer Warrior Volunteer, 2012

I felt the Holy Spirit right then and there.

Tim, 2012

Lifelight 2010 was one of the key events in my life that started my real walk with Christ.

Katie , 2012

I take no vacation from work other than Labor Day weekend so that I may attend LifeLight. That weekend is my time to ‘recharge my spiritual batteries.

Jack, 2014

My name is Alex and I am 15 years old. Last year I attended LifeLight for the first time ever. The only reason I was planning to go was because I wanted to go see my favorite band, Skillet. So, I got my parents to go with me too. We got there pretty early for the concert, and we saw a few other bands at Main Stage. Then there was a speaker. What an excellent speaker he was. His words of wisdom have still left a HUGE impact on my life to this day still. When I attended LifeLight last year, I was a Muslim; however, I've always had a burning desire to become a Christian. Christianity always seemed to me to make the most sense and the one that is the one for me. If it wasn't for LifeLight, I wouldn't have accepted Christ between 10:40 and 11:10AM on August 5th, 2013. You are the one that has made my life complete. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for you guys. I would still be hiding, and just never be open with my religion, and my feelings about it. Thank you so much for everything you do! God bless!!

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