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Alan & Vicki Greene – AVGlobal Outreach

“Proclaiming the light of Jesus here and around the world”

Alan and Vicki wish to follow God’s leading to pursue international ministry, consulting and speaking through AVGlobal. Through partnerships with other ministries, organizations and businesses, AVGlobal seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ: teaching leaders how to share their faith in their own community and challenging/encouraging Christian leaders spiritually.

Jesus said, “Go!” and we love to do just that, whether locally or internationally.  From the beginning we have been passionate about sharing Christ and His transforming power. Our international missions trips have taken us to many impoverished communities in countries such as Mexico, Haiti, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Pakistan and more.  Our partnerships with local ministries allow for LifeLight to continue supporting the Gospel in these countries and beyond; we bring Light into darkness to fulfill the Great Commission. 

A mission trip to Mexico started the idea which then became LifeLight, so missions are near and dear to our hearts! Whether we support a permanent missionary, speak, teach, host an international festival, or lead an outreach team, the Gospel is always our main focus.

Choosing where to work internationally is something that we consider and pray over very carefully. We build relationships with local missionaries/ministries and from there work with local businesses and governments, whether directly or through our local ministry contacts.

Mission and Distinctives' 

  • Evangelize - We are evangelists who proclaim the gospel of faith in Christ and Him alone in all we do.  Ephesians 4:11, Mark 15:16
  • Encourage - We build up the body and provide encouragement in the Lord with those we minister to.   Hebrews 10:24-25, 1 Thes. 5:11  
  • Equip - We train and equip others to change lives through the power of Christ.   Matthew 28:19
  • Empower - We provide resources to help people be passionate and ready to be Ambassadors for Jesus.  2 Corinthians 5:17 


Bring transformation to your community, city or church


Alan & Vicki bring a wealth of real world experience on a variety of subjects.

Alan is an evangelist, author and Founder of LifeLight Communications.  He is a member of the cabinet of NGA, a Luis Palau ministry.  He and Vicki have spoke and taught both small and large crowds around the world.

Invite the Greene's to your City/outreach event, or to host a conference in your city on one or more of the following topics: Consulting, Ministry start up, Festival events, Small business: God’s way, Marriage workshop/conference, and Men’s/Women’s events.


A survey of Christians in Churches shows that out of 100 people in attendance

less than 3 will usually know how to effectively share their faith

journey or have a spiritual conversation.


Imagine the change in your community as we see more believers engage in the cause of Christ.

Alan's speaking topics include - on evangelism and equip your congregation to carry out the Great Commission or Emcee for your event, preaching, evangelistic appeals, consulting, business inspiration speaker, lead devotions in your workplace or international trip leader. 

Vicki’s speaking topics include – Missions, homeschooling, marriage, home, family, adoption, or your chosen topic.

Please contact us if:

o   You would like a speaker at your outreach

o   You would like a speaker/teacher at your church or workplace

o   You would like consultation about starting an outreach or festival in your community

o   You would like us to do an outreach to your community or city

o   You are interested or have a GROUP that is interested in a LifeLight outreach, please contact us at  avglobal@lifelight.org or by calling the office at 605-338-2847.


Evangelize – Encourage - Equip – and Empower