Flashback: 2018 Recap

It's a Wrap!

With 2018 coming to a close we look back at the 46 events across the Midwest and America where over 34,000 people heard the gospel.
20 years ago God gave our founders, Alan and Vicki Greene, a calling to “Take The Church Outside The Walls.” Over the last 20 years we have seen God change many lives. Though our ministry looks different, the message is still the same.
2018 was a year of change! For the first time in 20 years, there was not a large South Dakota Festival, but the impact was huge!
Our desire is to Change Culture by changing communities through the love of Jesus. We all know, our culture is changing rapidly. In our region, suicide rates have increased between 35% - 57% from 1999 - 2016 (Center for Disease Control). Forty-one percent of first marriages end in divorce, with 43% of America’s children living in a fatherless home. However, many other issues have led to the change in our culture from substance abuse, health problems, money, job and housing stresses. The Center for Disease Control reports however that there is one thing communities can do to combat some of these issues and that is “offer programs and events to increase a sense of belonging among residents.”  We believe too many people do not realize “The Church” is there to support and encourage them. Our goal has been to show communities that there are people, “the Church” willing to care for and love them, for who they are no matter what their background is.”

Our Goal is to:

  • Unify community, bringing together:

    • Businesses

    • Individuals

    • Churches

    • City government/leaders

  • Unify Churches:

    • Across denomination lines

    • People working together

    • For one cause: Jesus

  • Share the love of Christ and how a relationship with Him can change lives!

Please click on the image below to watch the 2018 Recap Video.
  We have $180,000 to raise to take us through the rest of this year and launch us into 2019.  Please prayerfully consider donating towards helping us change lives through Christ.

Bekah Mead