LifeLight Lives On

Greetings Everyone! We are excited to announce that LifeLight will now be able to share with you more frequently through our blog! This blog will feature devotionals, stories of the impact LifeLight is having on the community, region, and world, as well as other fantastic material and events! There is so much to look forward to, but first things first: Let’s clear the air!

 As you are probably aware, there has been a lot of confusion in the last few months about Lifelight. The first thing you should know is that LifeLight is NOT over! In fact, LifeLight is getting back to our roots. As some of you already know, LifeLight was founded to share the Light of Jesus Christ through missions and evangelism. When Alan and Vicki Greene received the initial call by God in 1998 of “Taking the church outside the walls,” they could have only dreamed of how large the festival would become. The Lord has worked through LifeLight in so many ways over the years, and we have been extremely blessed to be a part of the Lord’s work!

LifeLight Festival became a gathering place for believers and an amazing testament of lives transformed for Christ. It has been a wonderful place of fellowship over the years. In a chaotic world, community worship is a great reminder of the Hope we have in Jesus Christ! After lots of prayer and discussion, LifeLight has been called back into the city for further missions and evangelism. With this renewed focus on proclaiming the good news of the Gospel, changes had to be made. Being called back into the city, our focus is on the people. Their lives and future are important to Christ, and it is our calling to share the Hope we have found in Christ with them.

One fantastic way we found to connect with the people of Sioux Falls was through Serve Sioux Falls that took place this past summer. We partnered with Empower Sioux Falls and Volunteers of America (Dakotas), where we had unique experiences connecting with people as we served food, repaired housing, participated in a shoe giveaway, ministered in the prison, and much more. Wrapping up the summer of serving, CityFest was a wonderful way to celebrate! Every person we ministered to throughout the summer was invited, as well as our fellow believers. We were able to come together, ministering to one another and worshiping Christ! Yes, it was not your typical LifeLight festival, but the work that was done through CityFest was far more amazing! Throughout the weekend 800 care packages were given out, 750 meals were served, and most importantly 1,160 individuals personally responded to the Gospel! This is exactly what LifeLight is about! The Lord is at work in Sioux Falls and LifeLight is proud to be a part of it!

As LifeLight continues, we are looking forward to having more frequent One-Day festivals and Youth Nights throughout the year to increase the affect we can have on our local communities! We are excited to share with you our experiences and the stories of hearts opened to Christ! There are so many opportunities for us to proclaim the Good News of Christ, and we will continue to share with you how the Lord is working and transforming LifeLight! Only the Truth found in Jesus Christ can bring Hope to our nation. LifeLight has received the call to Go, so keep us in your prayers as we continue to make steps towards further missions and evangelism!


 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew 28:19 (ESV)

Bekah Mead