Are You A Casual Christian?

“How is everyone doing today?” Chances are if you have ever been to a church service, concert, seminar, conference, or just about any event where someone is on stage you have heard them begin with this question. As a speaker myself, I have began hundreds of talks using this as an opening statement. The typical response in most churches is applause or some sort of positive response. Even when the day is anything but positive, we learn to fake it and respond with a smile anyway. However, it occurred to me yesterday that I feel as though the Church is in some need of a few bad days.  

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish ill upon anyone. However, I feel that the church has gotten far too comfortable which has caused the greatest plague in all of the world and that is Christ followers becoming “Casual Christians.” You know the type; the ones who say they follow Jesus when it is the popular or the convenient thing to do. I am dreaming for the day when there will be no such thing as a “Casual Christian.” In order for this to happen we are going to need a few more bad days. Days where we will be forced to trust in King Jesus to get us through. Yes, this will resort in some pretenders leaving the Church but, it will also force many of us to become faithful.  

Hebrews chapter 11 talks about many heroes of the past and all that they did in the name of Jesus. From healing the sick, to enforcing justice, and my favorite; they stopped the mouths of Lions. It goes on to say many of them were tortured and killed. These heroes of the past literally died for the sake of Jesus. My heart is so encouraged when I read Hebrews 12:1 where it says we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. They are now present with our Father and cheering us on. I am forced to ask the question, “Are they happy with what they see? Are we as Christ followers leaving behind a legacy worthy of Jesus and these heroes of the past?” 

Once while in Pakistan our team heard a pastor say that the church in Pakistan is not persecuted enough. It shocked us that he would say something that appeared to be so far from the truth. He continued on and said, “greater faith warrants greater persecution.” If Satan is not threatened by us enough to warrant persecution then what are we doing? I pray that when the day of the Casual Christian comes to an end you will still be among the heroes of Faith.

Josh Brewer