Keeping Up with the Greene's

Many of you have been wondering, “What are the Founders up too?” Well, let’s answer that question for you! As most of you know, Alan and Vicki Greene founded LifeLight in 1998. Little did they know at the time, LifeLight would grow and brand itself as the largest free outdoor Christian music festival in the nation! After nearly two decades, Alan passed off the active role of CEO to his son-in-law, Josh Brewer. But with the changing of the guard, per se, the Founders found a new seat at the table. With a heart for Evangelism and Global Missions, the Greene’s have taken on a new role. Not only do they continue to work part-time for LifeLight, but they have also taken on a part-time position with Next Generation Alliance. Through this ministry partnership, they can continue the very thing they set out to do years ago, unite the church and impact cities with the good news of Jesus!

Although their role looks different, their heart and vision are still the same. This past week, Alan and Vicki have been out in Portland, Oregon speaking on “How to bring evangelism into your mission trip.” Alan stated, “We are doing a workshop to churches and ministry teams on being purposed to incorporate the Gospel and help fulfill the Great Commission in missions’ teams. Unfortunately, a lot of mission’s trips are mercy trips and don't have a plan to proclaim the gospel during their trip.”

Along with their speaking engagements, Alan will also be in two countries within the next month. He is working with Luis Palau Association in planning an outreach to Abdijan (the Ivory Coast) and will be in another undisclosed country this week.

Please pray for the Greene’s as they follow God’s direction, preaching and teaching of the Love of God!

Bekah Mead