The Calling of the CROSS

“Christians care about all suffering, especially Eternal Suffering!” – John Piper

Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed and in awe. Your great love has covered me. Your Gospel has smothered me, like the weighted comfort of a blanket. Warm and cozy to the touch. As I free myself of worry, casting my cares on You, I sink down further in Your love. Your great love. Your all-consuming love that is only matched by the wrath You will bring one day. Your wrath is fierce, but Your grace and love are immeasurable. Again, it is all overwhelming. Tears flow as I think of its vastness. It is a capsule and I’m encapsulated. In the confines of Your love I find the most sought-after freedom. The freedom men have fought for, for years, unbeknownst that that great fight has already been won. So many people are fighting that fight in vain. In vain because it has been won by Your name, through Your blood, but these people, these nations, these tribes are unaware. They have neither seen nor heard of You.

How that breaks my heart. A heart given by You with a passion for the Gospel and for Your people. How do we expect all to hear if we do not go and tell? Even from a young age we are taught how to show and tell. But the Gospel is different. It is simple and complex in nature. The message is simple. Without You, we are trapped in a world of sin doomed to self-demise. But You so loved the world, You sent Your Son to die and arise. Over death You have conquered, washing those You have chosen, who believe, in Your cleansing blood. That on the day of final judgement You will say “Well Done.”

Sadly, this message is not for all. Not all have a seat at His table. Not all can escape [The Fall]. We are all deserving of eternal damnation but those who kneel before His throne will inherit His kingdom. All else will face His wrath and perish eternally in Hell.

Christians have been given a great call. A call to Go. Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel. We must do what He has called us to do, in the way that He has called us to do it! Zane Pratt, Dean of the Billy Graham School at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, charges us, “Always think when you study [Scriptures], the Nations must know this!” There are many unreached people around the world. People who are desperate for the Gospel. How can we ignore the immense urgency of eternity? If you are called to send, Send. If you are called to go, Go! But it is not good enough just to go; We must go and make disciples and you cannot make disciples without God’s Word! Therefore, equip yourself. Nail down the Gospel, be able to define the Church, continually surrender your life to Christ, pray and abide in His Word!

Bekah Mead