Sound of Silver

When you think of silver what do you think of? 

Perhaps images pop in your head of sitting at the dinner table, the shine of utensils coming from the side of the plate. Or maybe the feel of the silver ring on your hand.

To Jesus, I wonder if silver is a sound, a haunting echo of what people in this world would say that His life was worth. 

John 13 tells us that just before the Passover meal with His disciples, Jesus stands up to wrap a towel around himself and begins to wash the disciples' feet. I have read this story so many times, but God opened my eyes to the depth of this passage.

You see in this scene my eyes have turned to Judas - who has just made the deal to betray his friend for a mere 30 pieces of silver. It is likely that he even had the 30 pieces of silver on him at the time. 

So Jesus, being the Son of God, knows Judas had betrayed him, and as it’s described in this chapter, Jesus bends down to wash Judas’ feet, all the while hearing Satan screaming at him through 30 pieces of silver, “This is all you are worth!” 

Yet, Jesus chooses to wash Judas' feet anyway. 

This is not so much about the silver, or Judas, as much as it is about love. A love so great that Jesus chooses to love us even though we have turned our backs on Him for far less than 30 pieces of silver. We have turned our backs on Jesus for things as meaningless as popularity, applause, promotions, hate, and greed. 

This love of Jesus that has been extended to us should drive a desperation in our hearts for others to know him, and to know this life that is in Jesus: the King of all kings.

I pray today that God would bring a desperation back into His Church to see the Name of Jesus be glorified.  I pray we would share the love He has extended to us echoing, “This is how much Jesus is worth!” 

So I ask again- what does silver sound like to you?

Josh Brewer