LifeLight Festivals

If music is the universal language, then it makes sense that LifeLight would use this tool to reach people’s hearts as we proclaim Jesus’ name. Changing course from the annual large festival, LifeLight will now, throughout the year, be holding smaller one-day festivals around region. Our regional festivals and Z8 Youth Nights bring music to local communities, sharing the love of Christ and hosting positive, safe events for area youth & families. Also incorporated into the ministry are our overseas mission trips, working through music festivals to bridge the language barrier as we serve as the hands and feet of Jesus internationally. Whatever we do at LifeLight, music is a huge part of it!

From its very beginning, the heart of LifeLight has been to reach out with the truth and revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By definition, outreach means "to extend a hand for the purpose of assistance or revelation." We at LifeLight view our Festivals as a community outreach where we come alongside existing ministries to assist with a positive event in order to reveal Jesus to those in attendance. We typically do this through Festivals, but we also partner in concerts and various speaking engagements


LL_City Fest 2017-188.jpg
“Each year there is something that makes the festival special. But this year was extra special. This year I was able to bring a good friend along who has never been before. He has been experiencing hardships in every aspect of his life. From a career of 25 years ending, family issues, and health problems. He is a very faithful believer, but has been feeling that God has abandoned him. On Saturday night, I could tell that he was struggling emotionally. At that point I asked him to go for a walk with me. I led him to the prayer tent. We spent the next hour or so talking, praying, and crying with one of your prayer warriors. It was like we were the only three people there. God filled us with His Spirit. My friend has thanked me several times since that night. ”

— Bill