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Head over to the west side of the park to discover an array of food vendors offering a wide variety of delicious options, ranging from full meals to tasty snacks. Your purchases from these vendors directly contribute to supporting the festival, so we kindly urge you to buy from them rather than exploring other options outside the festival grounds.


There are two beverage booths exclusively selling pop and water, one located near the Food Vendors and one located near the Main Stage area. Bags of ice may also be purchased at the Beverage Booths. There is also a water bottle filling station in the food vendor area.


LifeLight Hills Alive is delighted to provide the opportunity for you to meet and get the autographs of our featured artists. Some artists have agreed to be available after their performance in the Autograph Tent, located at the corner of the Civic Center behind the Main Stage.


For your safety, professional First Aid services are provided in the First Aid trailer. Heat stroke is one of the most frequent problems we see. Please drink plenty of water, use sunscreen and find shade if you are experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion. Ear plugs are also available at First Aid. LifeLight Hills Alive and its sponsors are not responsible for any personal injury that occurs on the festival grounds.


The Lost & Found is located at the Information Booth. LifeLight Hills Alive and its sponsors are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Should you get separated from your child, or should you find a lost child, please go to the Information Booth located behind the bandshell. We are not able to stop the music to announce lost children or party members, so should you be separated please notify a staff member or safety immediately, and then proceed to the Information Booth. 


Hills Alive is here to help you with your spiritual needs. We have trained prayer partners available during the festival in the Prayer Tent, which is identified on the festival map. Whether you wish to pray individually or with a group, we welcome you! 

Festival Guidelines


Out of respect for the Rapid City Parks Department, tarps will NOT be allowed in Memorial Park because they burn the grass. Blankets are welcomed. Thank you for your cooperation in this.  Blankets may not be put down in the viewing area any earlier than 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Absolutely no tent stakes are permitted in this viewing area. All items left at the end of the final concert each night will be taken to Lost & Found, located at the Information Booth.


Coolers and non-breakable water bottles are allowed on the festival grounds.  Glass bottles are not permitted.


No chairs or coolers are allowed in the front section of the main viewing area. The area will be marked with spray paint on the grass to indicate where the front section of the main viewing area is.


No pets, smoking or alcohol allowed in the concert area. This is for the comfort of all attendees. If you would like to smoke, please do so in the parking lot area.

Structures in the Park

All large canopies and tents must be located behind the sidewalks and painted lines in the rear of the park. Small structures that do not exceed a height of 4’ will be allowed behind the line of orange cones and signs in the center of the park. No structures of any kind are allowed in front of the orange cone line. In all circumstances, be mindful of guests behind you. Please make every effort not to block the view of other guests whenever possible. Canopies, umbrellas or any other device that will block the view of others must be kept in the very back of the Main Stage viewing area. Please see the map for the dashed line


Frisbees, footballs and other outdoor games should only be played in open areas. LifeLight Hills Alive suggests south of the Kid Zone.


Soliciting or distribution of fliers or literature of any kind is prohibited.


Swimming in the lake is discouraged due to broken glass and other hazards. There are no lifeguards on duty.

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