What is Z8?

The mission is to awaken a world changing initiative to make Jesus known.

The Z8 Initiative is a youth lead movement through youth events around the nation.  The gospel is shared through artists, speakers, and athletes in a real and relevant way. An evangelistic, discipleship and mentoring movement, unifying youth to move in one direction to make Jesus known. 

Research believes that Generation Z has an 8 second attention span. We believe they have an 8 second filter; a filter that searches for the melody of truth and love; 8 seconds to introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ. 

A movement to equip Generation Z to reach their own generation through a variety of platforms:

   • Concerts, Tours, Festivals

   • Devotions

   • Mentoring through social media

Through the Z8 Initiative we are on a mission to reach Generation Z for Jesus while empowering world changers all around the world to do the same.